Brain Imaging and Stimulation Study (NIAAA)

We are interested in understanding how alcohol use affects the brain. We will be using fMRI, EEG, and non-invasive neurostimulation to look at how different patterns of drinking are reflected in brain activity.


SINC Study (Fall 2023): Train emerging adults skills in navigating college life and measure sensitivity to reward conditioning.

OAF Study 2 (2023): Online study of behavioral flexibility, adolescent alcohol history, and sleep behaviors

RAF Study (2018-2022): Frontolimbic circuitry (using fMRI), behavioral flexibility, and adolescent alcohol history

TAF Study (2018-2022): Frontolimbic circuitry (using EEG), behavioral flexibility, and adolescent alcohol history

OAF Study 1 (2020): Online study of behavioral flexibility and young adults’ alcohol and trauma history cross-culturally

Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of COMT, a Key Moderator of
Cognitive Decline (NINR)

Effects of adolescent alcohol exposure on functional brain connectivity (NIAAA – Elton)

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