Our lab ethos takes its cue from the nervous system. The key distinguishing feature of the nervous system, the characteristic that enables it to accomplish all of its amazing functions, is its diversity. In contrast to the liver, for example, which has around a handful of distinct cell types, the diversity of cell types in the nervous system is astonishing. The images above (drawn by Santiago Ramon y Cajal) capture a small fraction of this diversity. While the liver is unquestionably important for our health and survival, it cannot hold a candle to the creative and adaptable brain. Likewise, while we can readily regenerate new liver cells, most of our neurons are irreplaceable.

In the Boettiger research group (the “cablab”), we are committed to cultivating a sense of inclusion and belonging for a team that is diverse, and where each individual is irreplaceable, as in the nervous system that we study. The group works to facilitate a healthy working environment in which group members feel respected and supported. We want to create this kind of environment not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because more diverse groups are more innovative and more productive.

Lab priorities:

  1. Lab member wellbeing (be kind to yourself & others)
  2. Integrity of the work we publish (think hard, work carefully)
  3. Lab member career progression (keep showing up & do your best)
  4. Productivity (papers, grants, conference presentations)