CABLAB website migrates to WordPress

In updating & revamping the lab website, we notice that no news updates have been posted for about a year and a half. Much has happened. Vicki Chanon moved on to the R&D group at Lenovo. Chris Smith graduated and went off to Vanderbilt for a postdoc with David Zald. Audrey Verde graduated and went back to finish med school. Theresa McKim earned her Master’s and attended the Michigan fMRI course. Michael Parrish and Hunter Oppler defended their Honors Theses. Hunter won the Dashiell Award for best Honors Thesis in Psychology, graduated, and went up to NIH for a post-bac IRTA position in Barry Richmond’s lab. Melisa Menceloglu graduated and went off to grad school at Northwestern. The lab published 7 papers and presented data at OHBM, RSA, and SfN. Theresa McKim & Monica Faulkner were both awarded RSA travel awards and King Research Awards. And now, everyone in the lab can post news updates!